Why salvage?
In our workaday world, society has grown accustomed to a steady influx of new products and resources. From food to textiles, plastics and wood, landfills are teeming with great amounts of reusable materials. This throwaway approach and mismanagement of earth's precious resources has unfortunately become the North American footprint. Relic Woodworks is a business that aims to change this, one tree at a time.

Salvage Services

Our team offers log salvage services for local arbors and residents who wish to dispose of their large trees after arbor work has taken place. Salvage services are offered free of charge or at low-cost depending on pick-up location, and the degree of complexity of the removal.

Save Money, Save Trees

By combining arbor and tree salvage services, you can reduce costs related to your tree removal and help keep materials from ending up at your local landfill. Win-win!

Build your own, or Co-Create

Need a bench or a coffee table to round out your furnishings? Looking to add a personal touch to your home? Residents have the option of creating a custom piece of furniture or home decor made from their very own re-purposed materials. Contact us to learn more.

Arborist Referral

Need an arbor? We work closely with a dedicated group of local tree care specialists and are happy to provide referrals— contact us for details.