Lightening strikes, roads get built, infill happens: the life cycle of a tree is subject to the extraordinary fluctuations of both natural and human elements.

Our Promise

Relic Woodworks only works with trees that are coming down due to natural life expectancy, infill, landscape modification, or for reasons related to resident or building safety.

All of the wood we collect and process is an act of preservation—these trees are the same relics that once lined our streets, added beauty and shade to our backyards, and served as habitat for birds and other animals.

Wood Selection

We are continually expanding our inventory of unique local woods. At the moment, have have a wide selection of the following species including Maple, Ash, Tamarack, Spruce, Poplar, Oak, Elm, Birch, Apple, Pine, and some sustainably-salvaged coastal wood including Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Cherry.

For details on current stock, contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Live Edge Wood Gallery

The Drying Process: Patience is a Virtue

All of our wood is air or solar-kiln dried. The solar kiln-drying process typically takes 4-6 months, and the air-drying process can take up to several years. Seasonal temperatures play a major role in determining the timeline for drying lumber.

Before leaving the kiln or drying area, moisture content is measured using an industry-standard moisture metering device to ensure that it is ready to be worked.